About us

Dear Fellow Mopar Enthusiast,


I have been a Mopar fan all my life. I have recently finished a 1970 Duster drag racing car with a 440 engine with full fender well headers. When it came time to install a transmission blanket I was extremely disappointed. I have experienced these products before so I was already aware of some of the fitment problems with these products. But this time it really got to me. The product I purchased had bad fitment issues. It barely covered what it was supposed to. It did not fit the contour of the transmission. The buckles and straps looked like they belong on a gym bag and the adjustment straps to keep it in place were impossible to adjust. I called the company who made it “twice” and got “two different opinions “ about how it should be installed. Neither of them worked! The other major concern I had was it only covered half of the transmission. What good is this going to do? So at this point I started researching all of the transmission protection devices I could find for a solution. What I found was that most hard covers will not fit in the transmission tunnel without modifications to the tunnel. Some hard covers will fit in the transmission tunnel but all require modifications to the transmission shell itself and some require modifications to both the tunnel and the transmission case. Also many of these products have no protection to stop parts from flying out of the bottom of the transmission.

One idea for sure, is that all three of these can have their own problems. The problem they all deal with is space. Clearances at some points are only about ½ inch to ¾ of an inch. This confined space is what makes it so difficult to design, build, and for all us to install. However, the benefit of having this preventative device is far less costly than possible injury.

I went through a time of complaining about these problems. And I thought many times, why hasn’t someone made something that addresses these problems. This started the development of Robin Hood Blankets.

I started researching ballistic materials. I contacted many of the major suppliers of these materials, engineers and salesmen in the USA and Canada. We went through a long process of collecting test data and hard physical testing of samples. With the guidance of the engineers we arrived at a formula of modern materials to construct our blanket. I am proud to say after testing we achieved our goals! The strength of our blanket is higher than the SFI Foundation requires!

Next was the task of resolving the fitment and coverage issues. In time, after many prototypes, these issues were also solved. What we have today is a soft blanket that fits the Torqueflite like a glove. It addresses special fitment issues and does not require modification to your transmission tunnel or the transmission case.